Patient Ambassador Program

Speak With an OHNI Patient Ambassador

Answers, Reassurance, and Support

If you are considering Dr. Ryan Osborne and Dr. Jason Hamilton for salivary gland treatment, including parotidectomy or sialendoscopy, you may benefit from speaking with a volunteer patient ambassador. Patient ambassadors have previously undergone a salivary gland procedure at OHNI and can provide valuable insight into the experience from start to finish.

The patient perspective can provide unique and candid insight to many of your questions and concerns. As former patients, participants in the ambassador program are in a unique position to share their individual experience with you.

Examples of questions that you may have include:

What factors did you consider when deciding whether to undergo your procedure?

What kind of support and follow-up did OHNI provide during your procedure?

What was your experience during healing and recovery?

How receptive was your physician to your concerns?

How has your treatment changed your life?

Program Enrollment

After evaluation by Dr. Ryan Osborne and Dr. Jason Hamilton, surgical candidates qualify to participate in the Ambassador program at no additional cost.

Drs. Osborne and Hamilton have developed thorough evaluation and treatment protocols to promote optimal patient results and satisfaction. Once a patient has been evaluated and determined to be a surgical candidate, they are invited to access the OHNI volunteer patient ambassador network.

OHNI staff member, Noelia Fedi, will identify patient ambassadors that have undergone similar procedures and place you in contact with them. These former patients have agreed to speak candidly with you about their experiences with their procedure at OHNI.

To take advantage of the OHNI volunteer patient ambassador program,
call 310-657-0123 or send us a message through our contact form for more information.

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